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Ardency - xParaholic | Jordan

I know I've disappeared and I've meant to get on here to write something but I honestly could not find the time as of late. Anyway, here is the explosion that will be known as my return.


Ardency by Jordan Turtle

May you understand that one single kiss will never lead you to happiness,
for one single kiss lasts but a moment in time.
It's when you freeze that kiss in the moment and savour it for what it is,
sweeter than life and death and life again ..
and then watch the sky explode in a murmur of what was once one who was hopeless to himself and the world,
and breathe deep.
Do not exhale,
let it sink in that this is not for just one, nor two, nor three ..
this is for all humanity to ponder and perscribe.
This is the sweetness that is the true adulation between two souls,
made physical between two bodies,
with enough electricty to put the worst storm known to any man,
alive or dead,
to shame.
Worship the tenderness that is the weakness of the sentimental yearning involvement with the infatuation of these two.
This is when I predict that you are questioning,
"What is so heartfelt to make this one speak so passionately?"
It's love,
and it's real.
Believe it.
Breathe it.
Murmur it.
Ponder it.
In this sweet,
rapture-like kiss ..
this is where true devotion lives.


thank you. :)

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