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Madrock Freeverse - xParaholic | Jordan
Madrock Freeverse

On a summers night,
with the wind blowing hard,
and the stars shining bright upon the ocean waters,
stood two souls on a cliff.
Holding each other,
clinging on for one last moment,
he took one last inhale of her scent,
something to remember her by.
They parted,
but when she left she took a piece of him,
a vital piece,
a piece that only he knew she had.
He wanted her to keep it,
hold it,
do what she may with it.
All he knew is he wanted her to have it,
for as long as she could hold it,
and in that wind,
in her scent,
in the memory of her soft lips pressing against his,
his heart still beats for her.
Only her.


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