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Taunting Whore - xParaholic | Jordan
Taunting Whore

Felt like writing something .. this is what happened.


Taunting Whore by Jordan Turtle

Renounce the pronounced,
denounce the announced.
Inflict your infectious infatuation upon idle alienations of the annexed.
Make them all want what they can't have,
don't you dare flaunt,
not even one half,
of what you are capable of flagging.
Unjust jests.
A hallow hallelujah hollered high,
slips from their trembling lips as they dream of what they think is just beyond their fingertips,
but in truth is further than they could ever fathom.
"This time we're not giving up,"
well you will forever grasp for something millenia from your reach.
She does patronize.
She supports the unrealistic.
reality ..


thankyou. :)

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From: bumbousdude25 Date: February 25th, 2009 04:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Nice. Kind of interesting the way it came out, if you just started writing.
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